LPG/C Aleah Louise

Vessel info
Name: Aleah Louise Type: LPG Barge
Vessel Profile
Port of Registry: Batangas, Philippines Official Number: 04-0000258 Call Sign: 4DEF-3 Year Built: 2009 Place of Built: Manila, Philippines Type of Ship: LPG Tanker Classification Society: Philippine Register of Shipping, Inc. P & I Club: Steamship Mutual Suitable Cargo: LPG Length (LOA), in Meter: 66.35 Breadth, in Meter: 13.1 Depth, in Meter: 3.8 Gross Tonnage, in Metric Ton: 497 Horse Power: 1200 Service Speed: 9.0 Knots No. of Cargo Pumps (Main): Two (2) Hull: Steel / Double Hull No. of Cargo Oil Tanks: Four (4) Segregation: Single Safe Capacity of COTs: 7.8 MB